4.5V USB Potted 50 – 300cm2


Input: USB

Capacity: 50 to 300cm2 EL Panels

– or 5 to 15m of EL Wire

Dimensions: 4 x 3.2 x 4cm



Powerful Potted Inverter With USB Input

This EL Inverter is suitable for between 50 and 300square cm of EL Panel or 5 to 15 metres of EL Wire
It has been potted inside epoxy resin which keeps it water resistant as well as helping keep the whistle of transformer to a minimum

There is a choice of either a plunger switch on a 1.2m long cord
or if you choose ‘No Switch’ then it will come on when you attach it to a power source

These EL Drivers are powered by any USB Port
Or they can be powered by a rechargeable Li-ion Battery that can be recharged using a USB port

(Please be aware that the inverter should always be attached to some EL Tape/Panel or EL Wire when it has power to it, else it may overheat)
Driver with or without switch
The Inverter has USB port

Li-ion Battery

3000mAh (thin): (6.5cm x 5.5cm x 0.8cm)

Leads are both 9.5cm long


Capacity: 3000mAh

Input power: DC 5.2V

Output: DC 4.5V – 5.2V

Over-charge / discharge protection: Yes

(*Li-ion Batteries are only available to the UK due to airmail postal restrictions)


All of these external power inputs, as well as extras such as 12v remote controllers, can be found in Additional Items