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Several years of specialising in electroluminescent materials has led us to create the UK’s largest range of EL Products.
Inside you will discover plenty of ‘off the shelf’ solutions from our large range of EL Panels, Tapes and Inverters.
Custom Shapes, Panels and Tapes are also available with your choice of finish or Vinyl Printing.

We hope our website is helpful and informative, but we know you may need some tech advice with novel materials, so please feel free to contact us with any queries at info@elpanelandtape.co.uk

18 x 74mm glowing EL Panel backlight showing the back, front, on and off
18mm x 74mm£7.00£33.00
21 x 166mm glowing EL Panel backlight showing the back, front, on and off
21mm x 166mm£13.00£41.00
24 x 96mm glowing EL Panel backlight showing the back, front , on and off
24mm x 96mm£9.00£36.00
25 x 120mm glowing EL Panel replacement backlight-EL1
25mm x 120mm£8.00£35.00
26 x 55mm replacement glowing el backlight
26mm x 55mm£8.00£35.00
30 x 200mm glowing el panel backlight for Mercedes Benz 4x4 radio tape player
30mm x 200mm£15.00£44.00
30 x 94mm glowing EL Panel backlight showing the back, front , on and off
30mm x 94mm£10.00£37.00
34mm x 110mm replacement backlight which is the right size for the AMS Neve Logic mixing desk
34mm x 110mm£9.00£36.00
el-backlights34mm-x-110mm-replacement-backlight ams-neve-logic-series-mixing-desk
40mm x 132mm replacement backlight which will fit Akai VX600 Synthesizer, Akai PB1000, Akai HD1000, Akai S1000, Akai S1100, Akai S1200, Akai S2800, Akai S2800i, Akai S3000, Akai S3000i, Akai CD3000, Akai CD3000i, Akai CD3000XL, Akai S3200, Akai S3000XL / Akai MPC3000 and the MPC 60II Drum Machine
40mm x 132mm£14.00£43.00
el-backlightsakai-cd3000 akai-cd3000i akai-cd3000xl akai-hd1000 akai-pb1000 akai-s1000 akai-s1100 akai-s1200 akai-s2800 akai-s2800i akai-s3000 akai-s3000i akai-s3000xl-akai-mpc3000-and-the-mpc-60ii-drum-machine akai-s3200 akai-vx600-synthesizer
42mm x 63mm replacement backlight, glowing foil
42mm x 63mm£8.00£35.00
el-backlights42mm-x-63mm-glowing-foil 43mm-x-63mm-replacenet-backlight easily-trim-down-to-size
43mm x 155mm replacement backlight, suitable for Korg 01 WFD, the i3, all of the Korg T1, T2 T3 and M1 as well as the Korg Wavestation EX and Korg WS1 Synth Keyboards. Rack mounted Korg 01 R/W, Korg Wavestation A/D Synthesizers. Roland A50, Roland A80 and the Roland D70 Keyboards as well as the Roland GC-8, Yamaha QS300, Yamaha SY77, Yamaha SY88, Yamaha SY99, Yamaha W5 and Yamaha W7 digital keyboards.glowing EL Panel backlight showing the back, front , on and off
43mm x 155mm£15.00£44.00
el-backlightsi3 korg-01-wfd korg-i3 korg-m1 korg-t2 korg-t3 korg-wavestation-a-d-synthesizers korg-wavestation-ex korg-ws1-synth-keyboards rack-mounted-korg-01-r-w roland-a50 roland-a80 roland-d70-keyboards roland-gc-8 yamaha-qs300 yamaha-sy77 yamaha-sy88 yamaha-sy99 yamaha-w5 yamaha-w7-digital-keyboard
47 x 157mm glowing EL Panel backlight showing the back, front , on and off
47mm x 157mm£15.00£44.00
70mm x 125mm replacement backlight commonly used to illuminate the info screens of industrial sewing machines
70mm x 125mm£10.00£37.00
el-backlightsbacklight-for-industrial-sewing-machines backlight-for-the-info-screens-of-industrial-sewing-machines replacement-backlight
87mm x 112mm replacement backlight for the info screens of the datatronic II in Massey Ferguson tractors
87mm x 112mm£20.00£51.00
Bose P1 musci centre remote control el backlight panel
Bose P1 Backlight£30.00
ferrari 360 F131 backlight is a replacement el panel for the instrumnet guages
Ferrari 360 F131 Backlight£165.00
10 cm x 10cm glowing el-panel in various colours
10 x 10cm£12.00£68.00
el-panel square-el-panels-2
1cm x 15cm glowing el tape in vivid colours with a choice of backings and el drivers
1cm x 15cm£3.00£39.00
el panel 2.4cm x 4.5cm glowing panle in white and light blue, electroluminescent panel
2.4 x 4.5 cm£3.00£39.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels
2cm glowing hoop for detroit becoming human cosplay costume
2cm Hoop£8.00£29.00
el-panel round-el-panels-2
Glowing A6 sheet made of electroluminescent panel
el-panel a-size-el-panels-2
EL extenders for EL wire, panels and tape. Available in 50cm, 1.2m, 3m, 5m and 15m lengths
Glowing alphabet Letters made of el panel and tape
el-panel el-shapes-2
1.5MM glowing el wire
Maxi 1.5mm£2.50£120.00
el-wire1-5mm-glowing-el-wire high-brightness-el-wire
Portable micro driver for glowing shape el panel & tape
Micro Driver - 20cm2£6.00
inverters multi-use-inverters-2
silent el driver for automotive with earth
Silent Driver 10 - 100cm2£24.00£74.00
inverters dedicated-inverters-2
13cm x 13cm square glowing sheet made from el panel
13 x 13cm£15.00£72.00
el-panel square-el-panels-2
1cm x 1meter el tape, glowing tape available in a selection of vivid colours with various backings and el drivers
1cm x 1M£10.00£65.00
2.3mm glowing EL Wire
El Panel 3cm x 5cm glowing shape
3 x 5 cm£3.00£39.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels
3cm round glowing EL Panel, glowing disk
3cm Button£3.00£38.00
el-panel round-el-panels-2
Glowing A5 size sheetmade from el panel
el-panel a-size-el-panels-2
A5 dedicated EL inverter with 12V inputs
A5 50cm2 - 300cm2 - 12v£27.00£77.00
inverters dedicated-inverters-2
Glowing heart EL Panel shape
el-panel el-shapes-2
Mini Driver - portable inverter for glowing shape el panel & tape
Mini Driver - 50cm2£6.00
inverters multi-use-inverters-2
EL mini splitters for EL wire, panels and tape, from 2-way to 6-way in black and clear/white
Mini Splitters£1.25£2.75
1cm x 2 metre length of glowing el tape in a selection of vivid colours with a variety of backings and el drivers
1cm x 2M£18.00£76.00
13cm x 13cm square glowing sheet made from el panel
25 x 25cm£40.00£115.00
el-panel square-el-panels-2
3.2mm glowing el wire
EL Panel 5cm x 8cm glowing sheet, shape in 7 colours
5 x 8 cm£6.00£43.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels
6cm glowing disc, disk, shape, el panel
6cm Circle£6.00£43.00
el-panel round-el-panels-2
A5 mains powered el driver
A5 50cm2 - 300cm2 - Mains£27.00
inverters dedicated-inverters-2
Glowing A5 sheet with 4 connectors
A5 with 4 Connectors£20.00£79.00
el-panel a-size-el-panels-2
Basic Driver for 10 - 80 sq cm of EL panel or tape
Basic Driver 10 - 80cm2£4.00£6.00
inverters multi-use-inverters-2
Basic Driver for 10 - 80 sq cm of EL panel or tape
Basic High Powered Driver 10 - 175cm2£6.00£8.00
inverters multi-use-inverters-22-x-aa-high-powered-el-driver basic-portable-high-powered-el-driver portable-high-powered-el-driver
Glowing snowflake made of electroluminescent panel in 3 colours, pink, blue and white lit up
el-panel el-shapes-2
standard EL product splitters for EL Wire, Tape and Panels, from 2-way to 6-way black and clear/white
Standard Splitters£1.25£2.75
1.5cm x 15cm glowing el tape available in a selection of vivid colours with a choice of backings and el drivers
1.5cm x 15cm£4.00£40.00
38cm x 40cm glowing sheet made from el panel
38 x 40cm£90.00£216.00
el-panel square-el-panels-2
4.5V USB Potted 10 - 100cm2£6.00£19.00
inverters multi-use-inverters-2
5mm glowing el wire
6cm glowing hoop, round el panel
6cm Hoop£4.00£39.00
el-panel round-el-panels-2
EL Panel 7cm x 11cm glowing sheet
7 x 11 cm£10.00£48.00
el-panel rectangle-el-panels70mm-x-110mm 70x110mm 7cmx-11cm 7x11
A4 Dedicated driver for EL panels and tapes
A4 200cm2 - 600cm2 - 12v£34.00£84.00
inverters dedicated-inverters-2
glowing A5 size panel, el panel with 10 solder tabs
A5 with 10 Solder Points£22.00£81.00